Oh, that job hunt!

I was so lucky. When I moved to Victoria, I had a place to land and a place to grow. The Chamber was wonderful to me. The role allowed me to meet people, shake hands and get my name out there in a way no amount of coffee dates could. Unfortunately, things must end. I still am not connected in … Read More

A House in the Sky Book Review

Today is national book day! Likely my favourite day ever. So in celebration of today here is a review of a book I just finished; A House in the Sky. But first, backstory! This book is written by Amanda Lindhout, a Canadian journalist who was held captive for 15 months in Somalia in 2008. This is her story of survival … Read More

Victoria, home.

It has been a few weeks now since I landed in Victoria. I have to say I still love the city. I could do with a little less rain but it really does make you appreciate the sun and make the most of the days that you can be outside. My placement is wonderful and I could not have dreamed … Read More

An Ode to SLC and Kingston.

Goodbyes are hard. They always will be and I am no stranger to them. I have lived in Kingston for 5 years now and for the time I lived here, it was home. Kingston has been a beautiful place to grow up, go to school and build a life. But a new adventure is calling my name. Kingston, and more … Read More


Hi! This is me officially launching my new website. Rather exciting if I do say so myself! This has been a long time coming filled with many, many speed bumps. These usually came in the form of sleepless nights filled with coffee as one problem was solved which turned into several other problems which ended up turning into even more … Read More


The semester is coming to a rapid end and with that comes the flood of client projects. One, in particular, was very special. This client was Parfait. We developed both a content marketing plan and a social media plan for this client. Content marketing is a great long term marketing strategy as it is something that will keep your customers … Read More


Someone recently told me that the way that I show I care about people is wrong. For a while, I thought about it and considered the way that I show I care. But here is the thing about love and affection, everyone shows and perceives it differently. It’s like marketing that way. If two people who have had different life experiences, different … Read More

Your September Survival Guide

THIS IS CONTENT PRODUCED FOR A CLASS ASSIGNMENT ONLY. With classes approaching, your bank account breaking, and your teachers breathing down your back, being a student is harder than it has ever been. This is your third and last year at university and September is here, meaning your life is about to flip.  They say your uni years are the … Read More

You win some and you lose some

Brand storytelling is always something that has struck home with me (something the Blue Jays couldn’t figure out…) anyone can see this by digging through the archives of this blog. From Air Canada, West Jet, Apple, and Coke; even British grocery stores have been found in here and all celebrated for the same reason: they tell stories. These brands below … Read More

Why I cannot stand Apple’s new ad

Apple; the world’s leader in creating a cult-like following.  Yet their latest makes me want to gag. Maybe that’s the point but frankly, it’s weak compared to their normal high standards and emotional appeal strategy. The video below features James Corden, The Late Late Show Host, pitching ad ideas to Apple execs.  He is great. The ideas are wild and outlandish … Read More